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Creating a Website

Web Design Services Newfoundland

There is more to creating a good website than many people think as, although with the tools available today anyone could create a website, in most cases the site would not be very productive. A good website, one that will be productive in seeing your business attracts more clients and therefore more profits, needs to be appealing but most of all, as being appealing will only be appreciated by those people that actually visit the site, you must ensure that visitors come to the site. Any visitor to a business website is a potential customer and so you would want as many visitors as possible and so towards that end, it is recommended that you consider hiring a website designer or a website developer. These are professionals that understand how to attract visitors to a website and also know what types of websites visitors like. To attract visitors to a website, professionals use what is known as SEO (search Engine Optimization) and these are strategies that draw the attention of the search engines to a particular site. Once a search engine’s attention has been gotten, the search engine will place that website at the top of any list of search results which will mean more people will see the site than if no SEO had been used and it appeared on page 14 of the list. SEO also includes the use of back links and back links is the term given to actions where one site has a link to another site and therefore encourages to one site to also visit the other website by way of the link provided. For back links to have the most effect a link should be placed on a popular website and a website that is also relevant to the site it links to. You can learn more now online but getting visitors to your website is only the start as you have to also ensure that they stay on the site long enough to see what you are offering. To ensure that visitors do stay on your website long enough to see what you have to offer, your website should be pleasing on the eyes and relevant to what the visitors expect when initiating a search or clicking a link from another site. If your website has several pages, the page that visitors will usually be guided to is the home page and os on that home page you will want what is called a site map. A site map is basically a directory as to what are on the other pages of the site and will usually include a quick click access to the other pages. An interesting website may not be all about selling it may also include interesting articles or videos which are relevant to what the site is about. These will encourage visitors to stay on the page longer, perhaps long enough to become a customer or if not, perhaps long enough to make a note of the web address so they can visit it again later.

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Digital Marketing

Web Design Services Newfoundland

Digital marketing is a term which has been given to marketing on the internet. Digital marketing became necessary as a means to market goods and services once the internet started to become a major form of business. Perhaps one of the main differences between the traditional old style marketing and digital marketing or marketing on the internet is that when marketing on the internet you are competing for visibility with the entire world as opposed to just your local community. When the internet first started to become big, a business only needed to have a website to have a marketing strategy but since today most businesses are on the internet, a business has to ensure that people see its website before they see a website for one of their competitors. This means that a business will have to have a quality website and probably have to use SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine optimization and is a set of strategies that ensures a website is more visible on the internet. There are two major strategies used and the first is to have a website listed higher in a list of results displayed by a search engine in response to search request. This is achieved by the strategic use of keywords which the search engines pick up on. The second way is to use back linking. Back linking is when one website places a link to it, on another website. This back linking works best if the host site for the link has similar interests as the linked website plus the host site is very popular. Therefore as digital marketing in Newfoundland is similar to anywhere else, a Newfoundland business will need SEO strategies just as much as a business in Toronto or anywhere else. Although today, with the assistance of software which is readily available, a business could create its own website, as it is unlikely that the business is fully aware of SEO strategies, other than knowing there is a need for them, many businesses opt to hire a website designer or website developer to help them create their website and some, the more astute businesses, hire the developers over a long period so that they can keep statistics on how the website is doing and make amendments as and when necessary. AS more than half of the online business done today is done by people that return to the same sites over and over again, a business will want to ensure that their website does not become boring, encouraging their existing customers to start looking elsewhere. This means that although when you first set up your website you may have had some interesting content, perhaps videos or articles, if you have not updated or changed that content for a while, it too can become boring and change from an asset to a loss in customers. Although it may be SEO that brings visitors to your website, it is the quality of that website that determines if those visitors stay long enough to actually become paying clients.

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